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Vorst & Bosch create handmade high-quality close-up pads and tables for magicians all over the world. Sven van de Vorstenbosch (Sven Bosch) and his dad John decided to take over the magic industry with never-seen-before pads. With eight years of experience in the world of magic, and over thirty years of experience as a furniture maker.

At Vorst & Bosch, we care about detail. Our tables and pads are made with an eye for detail so your performance becomes easier. And, ofcourse, we like pretty things. We’ve chosen beautiful fabrics and leathers to fit your own style.


Did you know we opened our own magic store in the Netherlands? The Premium Magic Store (PMS) opened its doors in July 2020. Sven Bosch and Danique Boer, creators of the Vorst & Bosch brand, started a brand new magic store in the Netherlands.

We care about the magic community and that’s why – in the middle of a global pandemic – we gathered our courage to create a place that feels like home – for all magicians. So, if you’re not from The Netherlands, please make sure to add a stop to the PMS on your visit to Europe/The Netherlands, because we would love to welcome you here!

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    Limited edition shin lim mats