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"Vorst&Bosch pads are top quality, and I'm honored to own and use one in my shows."

– Joshua Jay

Vorst & Bosch create handmade high-quality close-up pads and tables for magicians all over the world.

With eight years of experience in the world of magic, and over thirty years of experience as a furniture maker,

Sven van de Vorstenbosch (Sven Bosch) and his dad John decided to take over the magic industry with never-seen-before pads.

With their forces combined, Sven and his dad create professional pads that set a new quality standard,

Whether you’re a full time performer or a hobbyist, there’s always something for you to step up your magic.
And the best thing? You can adjust the pad or table to your own style!

You have the oppertunity to choose between different pads and tables, different tripods,
and between thirteen different colours of top pads.

If that isn’t enough yet, you can also choose between expensions when you buy a table.

Sven is a master craftman, and I'm proud to use one of his mats on a daily basis.

– Andi Gladwin

Why choose for Vorst&Bosch

Dutch Quality

Sven teamed up with his father, John, who has been a furniture maker for over 30 years. Therefore he has contacts with many textile manufacturers, The close-up pads and tables are made with high quality leather, textile and foam. In combination with his father’s experience, the tables and pads are a new quality-standard in the industry. Once you’ve tried it, you don’t want to go back!

Approved by magicians

The close-up pads and tables are made with magician-approved fabric. Choose between two different types of fabric for your switchable pad, collection ‘Velvet’ and collection ‘Control’.  Both are adequate for coins, cards, cups & balls and shell games.

eye for detail

At Vorst & Bosch, we care about detail. Our tables and pads are made with an eye for detail so your performance becomes easier. And, ofcourse, we like pretty things. We’ve chosen beautiful fabrics and leathers to fit your own style. Every pad and table is checked thoroughly before shipping.

Make it your own

At Vorst & Bosch, we offer you something others don’t: to create your own close-up pad or table. Choose between different styles, colors and leathers to fit your own style. Are you not sure which color to choose? You can choose two different colors.. or  three… or four.. Change the color where and whenever you want.

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