It’s often hard to separate hype

from worthy praise, but we’ll try to be completely transparent:

V&B close-up pads at the finest close-up pads available.


The regular mat features a slimline base which makes it the perfect portable solution. This is the base to choose if your travel with your mat and are looking for an affordable, gorgeous magic accessory. We offer three colors to choose from: black, brown and white. We also offer a vegan-friendly options too.

The Deluxe base has a thicker surface with a full rim around it, whereas this, regular pad has a slim hard base that does not protrude around the edges.


The deluxe mat featured a luxurious wooden base which is wonderfully robust and weighty. It sits firmly on any tabletop and is slightly raised by the specially-sourced rubber feet. This is the base to choose if you are seeking a top-tier product that will last you a lifetime. We offer three colors to choose from: black, brown and white. We also offer vegan-friendly options that use no animal products.

customize everything!

Unleas your own creativity and create a close-up pad that fits your unique style. Choose between the many colours and materials we have in our collection. We offer Velvet, Velvet+, Microfiber and Wool in all the colours of the rainbow.

Are you looking for a specific colour that we don’t offer in our collection? Make sure to contact us, because we would love to help you find the perfect colour or material.


If you want to add the ultimate personal touch, you can have your mat engraved. Using a laser engraver, we can emboss your name, logo, or initials into the surface of your pad. You can choose the size and positioning. Our graphic designers will work with you to make sure that your pad is personalized in exactly the way you want it. To ensure precision, you’ll receive a digital mockup to approve before your pad is manufactured.