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Table Features

Switchable inlay
Change between colors and styles anywhere and anytime you want.
Highest quality
The table is build with the highest quality materials available. Therefore it lasts longer than any other magic prop you ever had before.
2 Years in development
We've made tremendous improvements since our first prototype two years ago. The tables have been tested and approved by real magicians.
Adjustable in height
This table is completely adjustable in height.
High quality wheels
The tripod contains high quality wheels. This way you never have to carry all your magic props to the next table.
More Features
Not to forget to mention the laser engraving possibilities or the built in NFC technology. The list goes on and on. Read more below...

Vorst & Bosch Drawer

A real game changer.

100% outreach
Up to 20kg weight support
Soft-close mechanism
Pluck foam interior
A lot of storage space: 34x42x10cm

you design the table, We make it!

There are over 65 color variations available. It may occur that we don’t have your particular color(s) on stock, but don’t worry.. The moment you place an order, our hands will start working! 


Real reviews by real magicians. 

Joshua Jay
"Sven's pads are top quality, and I'm honored to own and use one in my shows."
Andi Gladwin
"Sven is a master-craftsman and I'm proud to use one of his mats on a daily basis."
Martijn van Berkel
If you're looking for the perfect tablehopping table. Look nu further! 10/10

FAQ & Upgrade details

Are the fabrics easy to clean?

Yes, All the fabrics are easy to clean. Some of our fabric (Seahorse, Levitate, The Baron and Classic Green) are even water and dirt resistant.

What are the working dimensions

The top surface of the table is 36 x 56 cm. The drawer dimensions are  34 x 50 x 10 cm. That means you got only 6 cm loss for the full table.


We give standard guarantee on all our products. This means we will always look for a suitable solution when you encounter a problem. 

how long does shipping take

Most of the color combinations and upgrades are in stock. In this case, we will ship it in the next two days. If the combination is not in stock, we will make sure you receive an email about it and our production will start immediately. The production time is approximately 2 weeks.

Vorst & Bosch chamber

 build in reveal system to make your performance magical.

Easy to use - no practice needed
Compatible with your current smoke device
Perfect for watch reveals
Switching possibilities
Unique for a table!

Vorst & Bosch carry case

Look professional the moment you walk in.

High quality PVC fabric
Carries a full table & up to 3 inlays
Water resistant
Keeps your table safe during transport
Custom made for the V&B table

LOGO Engraving

The most popular customisation option.

Custom logo's
Available with every color
High detail
Also fun to use for reveals
Laser engraved
697/incl 21%VAT
  • Deluxe Pad base
  • 1 switchable inlay
  • Main body with drawer
  • Tripod
  • Wheels
997/incl 21%VAT
  • Deluxe Pad base
  • 1 switchable inlay
  • Main body with drawer
  • Tripod
  • Wheels
  • Carry case
  • Chamber reveal system
1097/incl 21%VAT
  • Deluxe Pad base
  • 2 switchable inlays
  • Main body with drawer
  • Tripod
  • Wheels
  • Carry case
  • Chamber reveal system
  • Logo customisation