Limited edition "2022"

Limited editions

Every year, we try to come up with a limited edition close-up pad. Besides our standard brown, black and white (vegan) leather, each year we offer a limited edition base that will we sold for one year only. This way you can have a unique close-up pad that’s not sold hundreds of times over the years. We try to make our limited edition pads vegan-friendly. If it’s not vegan friendly, we are sure to mention it in the comments. 

List of Limited Editions:

  • 2020: “Silver Collection” – released at Blackpool 2020
  • 2021: NO limited collection as Blackpool was cancelled due to covid-19
  • 2022: “Limited Edition 2022” – released at Blackpool 2022
  • 2023: … you’re curious, aren’t you?

This years limited edition

This year’s Limited Edition called “2022”  will be sold until the end of 2022. At Blackpool 2023 we will release a new one and the 2022 edition will NOT be sold again. So, you only have one year to buy our limited editions.

You can buy “2022” until:


Let's have a look, shall we?

So, let’s have a look at the “2022” limited edition. It’s made from a vegan-friendly leather, it’s easy cleanable and it gives your pad an authentic look and feel! It is available in both a regular and a deluxe base. The base has a unique look: it’s a combination of dark and light brown. You can combine the limited edition base with every one of our inlays. Shown on the pictures below are Mint (Green Wool) and Larimar (Blue Microfiber). What’s your favorite combination?