We’re thrilled to expand our exclusive partnership with the amazing

guys of Vanishing Inc. Quality and portability come together

like never before to create the finest shuffle mat ever offered!


Each “V&B Shuffle Mat” is handmade to perfection in the Netherlands with the same exceptional, vegan-friendly materials found on their full-size mat. Photos do not do justice to how stunning these mats are. Once you have one in your hands, you’ll be able to immediately feel the 30-years of furniture-making experience for some of the biggest names in the world–including the British Royal Family—that has been infused into each one.


This luxurious Shuffle Mat was meticulously designed to offer magicians a premium portable close-up mat at an affordable price. At 10.25in by 7.25in, it offers ample surface for all your tabled work, while also being small and light enough to easily travel with. Cards and coins effortlessly glide across the perfectly plush surface and its exceptional durability gives workers the confidence they need to know it will withstand regular use.

Available in three different styles:

  • Red (red surface, black base)
  • Black (black surface, black base)
  • Green (green surface, brown base)

Dimensions: 10.25in by 7.25in. Each package comes with a set of adhesive feet which you can apply to the bottom of your mat.